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Faculty of Management

Tribhuvan University

Examinations and Results
Programs currently run by Faculty of Management (FOM) are: BIM, BBA, BHM, BTTM, BBM, BPA, MBM, MTTM, MHM, MBA, MFC, MPhil_MGMT, MPhil_PA.
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Programms Under FOM

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Business Management
  3. Bachelor of Business Studies
  4. Bachelor of Hotel Management
  5. Bachelor of Information Management
  6. Bachelor of Public Administration
  7. Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  8. Masters in Philosophy of Management
  9. Masters in Philosophy of Public Administration
  10. Masters of Business Administration
  11. Masters of Business Management
  12. Masters of Business Studies
  13. Masters of Finance and Control
  14. Masters of Hotel Management
  15. Masters of Public Administration
  16. Masters of Travel and Tourism Management
  17. Post Graduate Degree in Police Science
  18. Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies