Examination Controller Division
Faculty of Management
Tribhuvan University
Examinations and Results
List of Syllabuses
BBABBA 1st Semester Syllabus.pdf1st
BBABBA Syllabus 2021 Admission Onwards1.pdf1st
BBABBA 2nd Semester Syllabus 2022.pdf2nd
BBABBA 2nd Semester.pdf2nd
BBABBA 3rd Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf3rd
BBABBA 4th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf4th
BBABBA Revised Structure with 4th Semester Syllabus 2023.pdf4th
BBABBA 5th Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf5th
BBABBA 5th Sem Syllabus 2015 Final.pdf5th
BBABBA 5th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf5th
BBABBA 6th Semester Syllabus 2016.pdf6th
BBABBA 7th Semester Syllabus 2016.pdf7th
BBABBA 8th Semester Syllabus 2017.pdf8th
BBABBA 3rd Semester Syllabus 2023.pdfThird
BBAFBBA FA complete course.pdf1st
BBMBBM 1st Semester Syllabus.pdf1st
BBMBBM Syllabus 2021 Admission Onwards.pdf1st
BBMBBM 2nd Semester Syllabus 2022.pdf2nd
BBMBBM 2nd Semester Syllabus.pdf2nd
BBMBBM 2nd Semester Syllabus-2.pdf2nd
BBMBBM 3rd Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf3rd
BBMBBM Revised Structure with 4th Semester Syllabus 2023.pdf4th
BBMBBM 4th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf4th
BBMBBM 5th Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf5th
BBMBBM 5th Semester Syllabus 2024 (New Complete Course).pdf5th
BBMBBM 5th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf5th
BBMBBM 5th Semester Syllabus 2015-2.pdf5th
BBMBBM 6th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf6th
BBMBBM 7th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf7th
BBMBBM 8th Sem Syllabus 2017.pdf8th
BBMBBM 3rd Semester Syllabus 2023.pdfThird
BBSBBS Curriculum with First Year Course 2019.p1st
BBSBBS 2nd Year Syllabus and Model Question.pdf2nd
BBS4 Year BBS Course Structre with Details.pdfall
BHMBHM 1st Sem syllabus.pdf1st
BHMBHM 1st Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf1st
BHMBHM 2nd Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf2nd
BHMBHM 2nd Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf2nd
BHMBHM 3rd Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf3rd
BHMBHM 4th Semester Syllabus 2016.pdf4th
BHMBHM 5th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf5th
BHMBHM 8th Sem Syllabus 2018.pdf8th
BIMBIM 1st Semester Syllabus.pdf1st
BIMBIM Syllabus 2021 Admission Onwards.pdf1st
BIMBIM 2nd Semester.pdf2nd
BIMBIM 2nd Semester Syllabus 2022.pdf2nd
BIMBIM 3rd Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf3rd
BIMBIM 4th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf4th
BIMBIM Revised Structure with 4th Semester Syllabus 2023.pdf4th
BIMBIM 5th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf5th
BIMBIM 5th Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf5th
BIMBIM 6th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf6th
BIMBIM 7th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf7th
BIMBIM 8th Sem Syllabus 2017.pdf8th
BIMBIM 3rd Semester Syllabus 2023.pdfThird
BPABPA 2nd Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf2nd
BTTMBTTM 1st Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf1st
BTTMBTTM 2nd Semester Syllabus 2024.pdf2nd
BTTMBTTM 2nd Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf2nd
BTTMBTTM 3rd Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf3rd
BTTMBTTM 4th Semster Syllabus 2016.pdf4th
BTTMBTTM 4th Sem Syllabus 2016-2.pdf4th
BTTMBTTM 4th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf4th
BTTMBTTM 5th Sem Syllabus 2016.pdf5th
BTTMBTTM 6th Sem Syllabus 2017.pdf6th
BTTMBTTM 8th Sem Syllabus 2018.pdf8th
ITIT 351 Summer Project.pdfsummerPro
MBMMBM 1st Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf1st
MBMMBM 2nd Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf2nd
MBMMBM 3rd Sem Syllabus Added-2.pdf3rd
MBMMBM 3rd Sem Syllabus.pdf3rd
MBMMBM 3rd Sem Syllabus Added.pdf3rd
MBMMBM 4th Sem Syllabus 2015.pdf4th
MBSMBS 1st Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf1st
MBSMBS 1st Sem Syllabus 2018.pdf1st
MBSMBS 1st and 2nd Sem Syllabus 2018.pdf1st
MBSMBS 2nd Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf2nd
MBSMBS 3rd Semester Syllabus 2015.pdf3rd
MBSMBS 4th Sem Account Model Questions.pdf4th
MBSMBS 4th Semester Syllabus 2015-1.pdf4th
MBSMBS 4th Semester Syllabus 2015.pdf4th
MBSMBS Old Couse Syllabus.pdfOLD MBS
MBSMBS_semester2071_72 (3rd batch onwards).pdfOLD MBS
MFCMFC 1st Sem Syllabus 2014.pdf1st
MFCMFC 2nd Sem Syllabus 2014-2.pdf2nd
MFCMFC 3rd Semester Syllabus 2015.pdf3rd
MFCMFC 3rd Semester Syllabus.pdf3rd
MFCMFC 4th Semester Syllabus 2015.pdf4th